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A+ Educators Partnership

A+ Educators

Our first ever A+ Educator Ms. LaShonda Gabriel from Robert & Sandy Ellis Elementary School served as a classroom teacher and Learning Strategist. Her growth mindset and skills have been essential to guiding the school's vision and mission to help students, staff, and parents thrive.

Silver State Schools Credit Union and its People Over Profit (POP) Foundation, has partnered with Fox5 News and the Clark County School District to recognize educators through the A+ Educators program.

Each month, SSSCU will highlight two local educators and their School Principals via a Fox5 News interview to celebrate their achievements. Additionally, the POP Foundation will award a $500 check to each educator and, separately, a $500 check to their respective school.

Lashonda Gabriel

Casey Juliano

A+ Educator Ms. Casey Juliano from Greenspun Junior High School served as a robotics teacher. Known for fostering strong relationships with both students and parents, she actively supports the school community through various initiatives, from promoting a nurturing environment for students to enhancing teacher morale and contributing to the school's overall improvement.

Jennifer Hiller

Mary McDevitt

A+ Educator Ms. Hiller from Arbor View High School served as an English teacher for the past three decades. Her longevity at the high school is a testament to her commitment to the students and the staff. As Department Chair, she is able to make a lasting impact on everyone at Arbor View.

A+ Educator Ms. McDewitt from Elizondo Elementary School serves as a first-grade teacher. She has a true passion for teaching that keeps the students engaged and enjoy learning every day.

Vilmarie Volmar-Vega

A+ Educator Ms. Volmar-Vega from Don and Dee Snyder Elementary School works in the Adapted PE Department. She comes into every class ready to design accommodations and modifications for her students to be fully engaged with their peers.

Jessica Bennet

A+ Educator Mrs. Jessica Bennett serves as Thorpe Elementary's Read by Grade 3 Strategist. She spearheaded PLC development in the school, enabling teachers to get more "bang for their buck" during common planning. Mrs. Bennett assists families and connects them with specific resources, including tutoring, RTI services, and supports in the classroom.  

Amanda Ruth

Meet Ms. Amanda Ruth, an exceptional ELL facilitator and educator at Green Valley High School. She has started weekly support for her teaching staff to help them to better understand how to support the ELL students in their general educational classes. Ms. Ruth has also stepped up and became the student council advisor when no one else would.

Christine Horne

Mrs. Horne is an exceptional teacher at Roger Bryan Elementary known for building strong relationships with students and families. Her classroom fosters a safe and positive learning environment, leading to significant academic growth. She collaborates with colleagues, takes on extra responsibilities, and goes above and beyond for her students. 

Elizabeth Martinez

Ms. Martinez is an educator at Shadow Ridge High School. Her dedication to student success, demonstrated through after-school activities like hosting a Bible Club and providing lunchtime tutoring, showcases her commitment to fostering a love for learning. By organizing hands-on labs and ensuring students grasp fundamental concepts, Elizabeth goes above and beyond to create a rich and engaging learning environment. 

Rosemary Kean-Walsh

Rosemary Kean-Walsh, an outstanding educator serving as AP English teacher, Department Chair, and yearbook advisor, is celebrated for her unwavering commitment to academic rigor and excellence. Through her dynamic teaching methods, she inspires students to think critically, appreciate literature deeply, and excel in language skills essential for higher education. Her numerous accolades, including recognition from prestigious organizations, highlight her remarkable contributions to education. 

Rebecca Brasi

Ms. Brasi is an exceptional English teacher at Liberty High School who creates a fun and interactive classroom environment. Her teaching style involves active participation, encouraging students to communicate with peers and explore the deeper meaning of English standards. Even students who previously struggled in English end up thriving and enjoying her class. Ms. Brasi's dedication to education is commendable and greatly appreciated by both students and colleagues.