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The People Over Profit Foundation recognizes 10 outstanding Southern Nevada students for their academic achievements and community involvement.

Recipients receive a renewable $2,000 scholarship for four years, up to $8,000 total.*

"Education is the most powerful 

weapon which you can use to change the world."

Please contact the People Over Profit Foundation info@popfoundation.com.

Please review the Scholarship Criteria document for complete scholarship details.

Applicants MUST BE SSSCU members.


Scholarship Application

Entire application packet MUST BE received by the Credit Union via email (info@popfoundation.com) by 11:59 pm PST on Friday, March 1ST, 2024.

Incomplete applications and late submissions will be disqualified.

Scholarship Criteria

*Scholarships are paid out in $2,000 annual increments for a max scholarship award up to $8,000. The scholarships are renewable upon receipt of transcripts showing a maintained college grade point average of 3.0. Recipients are responsible for submitting documents to process scholarship renewals and have six years from award date to claim scholarships. Our scholarship program is designed for Silver State Schools Credit Union members, graduating from an accredited High School within the State of Nevada.

2024 People Over Profit (POP) Foundation Scholarships for Nevada High School Seniors

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Scholarship recipients will be contacted on or before March 29, 2024. The selections will be publicly announced by the SSSCU/POP Foundation Scholarship Committee and will be awarded at the 2024 SSSCU Annual Membership Meeting, to be held virtually on Saturday, April 20, 2024. 

Selection will be based upon the scholarship criteria. The scholarships are named as follows: Arlene Parkinson, Bart Roche, Leonard Petoske, William Moore, Terry Mannion, Harold McKay, Andrew Hunter, Joyce Woodhouse, Teresa Yeoman, and The Silver State Schools CU People Over Profit (POP) Foundation.

Award Announcement:

Recommendation Letter Form

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